Our partners Bridges Nepal NGO have been researching the needs in these locations and have been able to grant to some villagers Beehives for income generation.

2019 Grants and Fund Raising

We shall be distributing your generous gifts in the next few months to allow work to proceed on some of the projects detailed below. Our partners in Nepal have established  a small team of associates to assist in delivering these projects. We are continuing to fund raise for all of these projects as they contribute to the Prevention of Human Trafficking from these two districts that are particularly susceptible to Trafficking.  Our target for 2019 is to raise a minimum of £10,000 to allow the work to continue.

Sanitation and Water Supplies

Of particular note was the work envisaged in two newly established villages.  These villages have been previously assisted by our partners Bridges Nepal NGO with the provision of houses securing their accommodation and thus assisting the prevention of trafficking their daughters.

The two villages currently do not have toilet facilities, so it is proposed to initially furnish toilets at Bhadragaun. The purpose built toilets would be healthier for the village and the environment.  Transportation for this project is high as rocks have to be carried up to the village to form the base of the toilet.  A hole at least 10 feet deep needs to be dug for correct drainage of the waste.

The cost including tin and wooden structure, toilet pan and transportation is £250.00 each. Ouir long term goal is to supply a toilet to the 35 homes in Bhadragaun over a number of years.

There is also still a need for secure water supply to the villages, this is a multistage process of adding household water filters to the manual porterage of water to the village:

Income Generation

If people find a secure source of income it allows them to resist the options of Trafficking their children.  There are plans to:
  • create tailoring shops in the nearby towns of the two new villages. The cost to seed each tailoring shop is approximately £2000 to establish a self-sustaining business
  • Female empowerment through training, 2 Community Centres (£2000 each) and seed funding for 4 Self-help group micro loan schemes (£150-200 each)
  • and to facilitate beehives to people in other locations. Cost including equipment and transportation £100.00, eight families are targeted for this scheme.

Education Support

If children complete primary and further education, it empowers them and gives them opportunities beyond the risks and lure of being trafficked.  Therefore, our partners are promoting assistance to ensure children are able to attend education
  • School clothing, equipment and fees for the extremely poor in village schools.  (£65 per child for up to 25 children per year in Dhanding District.)
  • Many children in Tinchett village do not have the correct size shoes to wear and some children do not have any shoes at all.   This can cause problems with their feet as they are growing rapidly. Some of these children have no parents as they died in the earthquake, so they are in most need. £350 would provide shoes for the entire School at TInchett and additional gifts would allow this scheme to spread to two other potential villages.
  • Provision of Books for School Library to Ruby Valley Lapa School (£1000)
How to help
The Old Testament Prophet Amos spoke of justice to a people that were trading people and self seeking at the expense of the poor at a time of earthquake and destruction.  At the end of his writings he brings a hope for the future for the people of the land from God that mirrors the work that our partners are hoping to bring to the people of Nepal,
"In that day I will restore their fallen shelters I will repair its broken walls and restore its ruins and will rebuild it as it used to be,....new wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills,... says the Lord Your God.

To share in the fulfilment of this promise please consider sending a one off gift or make a regular donation through one of the accounts detailed above.  If your gift can have Gift Aid applied to it please request our Gift Aid Declaration form.
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