Schematic of Proposed Water Supply

Toilet stories

The challenges of toilets was ever present during my visit
  • from the polite as possible discussion of the challenges we were facing in the bathroom of the team
  • to the technical discussion of the opportunity and risk of using human waste for fertiliser from the soil scientist and one of our partners and the obvious reality that it is only possible for crops harvested reasonably far from the ground such as maize etc.
  • to banged heads of the tall Europeans in the toilet blocks built for the rather shorter and squatting Nepali’s in the village.

Sweet as Honey

With the relocation of entire villages there is great need for income generation. With the help of our partners and one of the first beneficiaries moving a whole queen bees hive on his neck. Hives have now been established in Bhadragaun. 

Yes even the people on the 50 km trek from his village wondered what this humming buzzing growth of queen bee and entire hive of bees was.)  This will eventually be bottled for sale but in the early phase makes a very good supplement to the diet.

Water begins to flow

As regular readers of updates from Bridges Nepal UK Trust will know we are starting to raise funds for the village's water supply security.  Our partners Bridges Nepal NGO are already starting to work on the enhancement of the supply to the village.
The Village has been able to tap into the neighbouring village water supply for two hours a day that they use to fill a number of local tanks in the village.  This supply is not a permanent solution as the neighbouring village will not permit them to take it forever.
During the conference, Yagha demonstrated the building of a filtered water solution with the materials we sourced from Kathmandu and Dhading River bed.  Each of these filters cost about £100 to make 97% pure by removing in the words of Yagha “animal poop and groundwater contaminants like arsenic” 
Our focus on fundraising is for a village header tank that could be filled in the wet season to give the village resilience for the dry season
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